Thursday, April 3, 2008

Diary of a dot-org…

This entry to my blog at will feature a daily entry. I will cover the creation of my dot-org,

The diary will cover all of the tasks that I am doing for the day. The reason for this blog is two-fold. First, I'd like to document everything I do in hopes that my children, family, and friends may one day get something out of it. The second and far more important thing is the need of suggestions. I hope that this blog will be read and suggestions will come my way.

So here it goes…

So far I have completed the following:

  • Set up a website with info, news, contact, info, and a way to donate.
  • Ordered business cards.
  • Started talking with contacts about donations and pledges.
  • Started advertising the website on Google Adwords


And that's where I'm at…

Until tomorrow…


Aaron D Williams

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